Magazine sold, office taking offers…

Bento Projects is pleased to announce that travelGBI magazine was sold to Travel Weekly this month, while the Hoxton/Shoreditch office is attracting a surprising amount interest since going on the market for offers “in excess of £1.2m”.

This has freed up Bento Media to concentrate on two new contracts: editorial production on a partworks for Creative Plus/Hachette and a media management system development/training project for DMG Media.

– Alistair Dabbs

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Check out our shiny new Bento Projects office in Hoxton, E2

Redecoration of our Bento Projects office in Hoxton has been completed, as these photos reveal. We now have lots of room to play with, so if you’re looking for desk space in the Tech City / Silicon Roundabout catchment in London, get in touch.

We’re at Perseverance Works at the top of Shoreditch High Street – about a 10-minute stroll from Old Street. If you do want to join us here, I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with lingerie shoots and TV ad recordings taking place regularly in the adjacent studios. Just saying.

We’ll post a full set of updated office and environment shots later.

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Bento Media wants INSPIRE iPad app to branch out to smartphone and Android editions

INSPIRE March 2014

Alistair Dabbs at Bento Media handled iPad tech production, staff training and consultancy for the new edition of INSPIRE, the luxury fashion magazine published by the Mail on Sunday‘s weekly YOU magazine team, available from today, Sunday 9 March 2014.

Distributed as a glossy tabloid print magazine along with the Mail on Sunday newspaper in selected areas of the UK, INSPIRE is also available worldwide free of charge as an iPad app.

INSPIRE for iPad provides the same editorial and advertising content as the print edition plus interactive extras such as instant web links, pop-up product views and full pinch-and-zoom capability throughout.

Readers of the iPad edition also get to watch FOUR behind-the-scenes videos from this issue’s fashion photoshoots, from the hyper-controlled environment of the studio to the outdoor real-life setting of Marrakesh.

Details of INSPIRE for iPad can be found here.

The March 2014 edition of INSPIRE will also be made available to subscribers of MailPlus for iPad next Sunday 16 March 2014.

Bento Media was responsible for reworking all INSPIRE content to work within the MailPlus app, from template adjustment to converting the embedded videos into live streaming content.

Alistair Dabbs said: “With INSPIRE now occupying a regular slot in YOU magazine’s publishing calendar, it would be good to expand its reach to include Android tablets and smartphones and of course Apple iPhones.

“I’ve been banging on about this – not to mention the potential of designing more interactive reader engagement into the ads – for the last two years.

INSPIRE‘s stunning photography looks fantastic on a smartphone and given the vast number of affluent consumers who received a Kindle Fire, Nexus or other Android tablet at Christmas, we really ought to be turning them on to the magazine too.

“With the next edition of INSPIRE due to be published in May, it may require a little more persuasiveness on my part.”

YOU INSPIRE Gift Guide November 2013

Inspire Nove 2013Alistair Dabbs for Bento Media handled tech production for the iPad edition of YOU INSPIRE‘s winter gift guide, published on Sunday 10 November 2013.

As with the September issue, the November gift guide was published twice on the iPad: primarily in the standalone YOU INSPIRE iPad app and simultaneously in the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday iPad app, Mail Plus.

Alistair Dabbs completed tech work on the interactive ads and video processing, as well as Adobe DPS production for all YOU INSPIRE pages on both iPad apps.

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iPad edition of YOU INSPIRE September 2013

Inspire Sep 2013Bento Media once again handled tech production for the latest iPad edition of the twice-yearly luxury fashion magazine, YOU INSPIRE.

The latest issue was published on Sunday 22 September 2013 in print and on the iPad simultaneously. The print edition was distributed with the Mail On Sunday newspaper in selected regions while the tablet edition is available free of charge worldwide via the free YOU INSPIRE iPad app.

For the first time, YOU INSPIRE was also included free within the Sunday 22 September iPad edition of Mail Plus, the tablet version of the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday. This provided paying subscribers with not just the main paper and both YOU and Event magazine supplements, but YOU INSPIRE as an unannounced extra.

Editorial pages for the iPad edition were designed by the YOU magazine editorial team. Alistair Dabbs for Bento Media completed the technical production side for both the standalone YOU INSPIRE app and its inclusion with Mail Plus, including interactive ad production and video processing.

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